My head bobbed
Up and down on his chest.
The waves of his breath
Floated me farther away.

The swells were calm
As he slept.
But still I found myself
Struggling to stay above water.


A caterpillar does not yearn
To be what it is not.
Dragging along,
Routine is all he knows.

I thought I was fine
Just the way things were.
Suffering slowly,
The comfort of my stillness was my life.

Change was coming,
But how was I to know,
That what was killing me
Would make me a butterfly?


Seeking sympathy,
Confidants wanted.

Perhaps a roommate,
Or even someone from work.
And definitely my mom
My family will be there.

But then again,
I will always remain.
I almost forgot
That I am my own best friend.


It was everything I had ever dreamed of.
Desire, passion, depth,
For once, I was wanted.

Connection on levels
I didn't even know existed.
Oh how I pray
That he is anything but temporary.


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