New Hair, New Me

Well, I finally did it.

My severed hair, ready for donation

For my entire life, I have been known as the girl with long hair; and I finally cut it. If I had a dollar for every time someone has asked me, “do you ever cut your hair,” let’s just say I’d have a lot more people reading this post. I have never had a ~real~ haircut before, only getting a few inches off at a time for trims. Which, admittedly, for me were a lot closer to six inches when I had gone too long without one, but nonetheless. I got about a foot chopped off this time and even went so far as to add some layers for volume, something I had never done before.

Being a redhead, everyone always commented on my hair (with both kind and witty remarks) and made note of its unnecessarily long length. But it was still somewhat of my trademark, and I loved the attention it brought me throughout elementary and middle school. However, it actually became more of a nuisance as I grew into a “young woman” and attracted too much of the wrong kind of attention.

A good picture of my hair after a typical cut (Summer 2017)

This past summer while working at the auction that my dad manages in Youngsville, my hair was the subject of the opening line of a particularly confident customer. As I was minding my own, attaching titles to bills of sale during the busiest hour of sale day, I noticed a short, middle aged man (at least my fathers age if not older) staring at me for what I considered to be more than a friendly amount of time. It was at this point that he attempted to talk to me across the customer service desk, which made it nearly impossible to make out what he was saying between people walking by and the medley of voices that fills the room on any given Tuesday. So instead of continuing from afar, he left the title clerk he was speaking to and came to my side of the office, which left only a tall partition desk between us. At first, he seemed nice and complimented my hair as was the standard greeting from someone his age. But then the conversation escalated a little too quickly for my taste. The man began to ask me about who I was and what I did at the auction, to which I answered that I was the managers daughter (a fact that I assumed would make him less persistent) and only worked over the summer in between going to school (a stark indication of my age). He then asked if I “took care of myself,” and I was so shocked that I didn’t know how to respond. I smiled awkwardly and ignored the question, turning around to continue the work I was doing at the adjacent table. What I couldn’t see while my back was turned, was the man writing his number on a slip of paper to slide underneath my phone that was within his reach on the partition desk. As I turned around once again to assist a coworker, he made another comment and said goodbye as he made his way towards the door. Once he was gone and another woman behind the desk told me that he left a note, I was appalled. Sure enough, he had left his name and number on a slip of paper under my phone for me to find after he was long gone.

I believe the exact words I uttered were, “you’ve got to be kidding me.” I was honesty so bewildered because I knew that his intentions were not within the scope of customer service that we provide at the auction. This little incident, coupled with many others that have come about more recently have given me all the more reason to cut my hair. I was more than ready to get rid of my conversation piece.

Managing my hair was also a big factor I took into consideration when I decided to cut it. The long hair seemed to get in the way more and more often and impeded almost every task if not pulled back in a ponytail. And constantly having my hair tied up meant more broken strands and more headaches from balancing the burden on top of my head.

Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, I felt that having such long hair made me look childish. Now that I am graduating from college in less than two months and need to look more professional on a day-to-day basis, I feel that having a cut more appropriate for my age will suit me well.

So far, I love my new do. I have yet to see what will happen when I straighten it or apply heat in another way, but I have a feeling that it has to be less work than my previously long locks. More pictures coming soon!

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